Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dental Bonding

If you live in Silver Spring, MD and have cracks or gaps in your teeth, you might want to consider a dental bonding treatment to restore your smile. Dr. David Bishop has become the go-to local dentist for bonding procedures. Unlike veneers, which are manufactured in a laboratory and require a customized mold, bonding can be done in a single visit.
The procedure for dental bonding is non-invasive and quite simple. Patients are not required to be sedated for the procedure. Dr. Bishop will utilize a shade guide in the beginning to match the resin color to the natural color of your teeth so it looks perfectly natural. Dental bonding is not just used to repair teeth that are cracked or damaged, it is also used to:
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Improve discoloration of teeth
  • Change the shape of teeth
After selecting the proper shade, Dr. Bishop will begin the bonding process. It begins with abrading or roughening the surface of the tooth. The tooth will then be coated lightly with a conditioning liquid. This liquid will help the bonding material adhere to the tooth. Once the tooth is prepared, Dr. Bishop will simply apply the tooth-colored putty and mold it to the proper shape and size. The material is then hardened with an ultraviolet light. The final step is polishing the area to give you a fresh, vibrant smile.
Come on by Bishop and Bishop Dental in Silver Spring, MD for your dental bonding procedure!

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