Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays
While examinations are an important part of regular check-up, dental x-rays are needed in order to better detect oral health issues that cannot always be detected by physical or visual examination alone.
Here at our Silver Spring, MD dental practice, we use dental x-rays to examine beneath the gums, look at current dental work to see if it needs to be replaced, find infections, see better between the teeth, investigate cavities, and determine the severity of gum diseases. Dental x-rays are also helpful to examine the jaw ligaments, nerves, and bones.
Some patients get their x-rays during every 6-month visit with us, while others only need them once a year or when they develop pain or other problems. We provide dental x-rays regularly not just for our patients who are experiencing pain or dental health problems, but to diagnosis dental problems before they become a more serious issue.
If you haven’t had dental x-rays in a while, visit our office and dentist David Bishop to get yours right away.

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