Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When to Replace Your Complete Dentures

When to Replace Your Complete Dentures
Complete dentures are a set of dentures that are made following the removal of all the patient’s teeth. Dentures are usually placed in the mouth 8-12 weeks after the teeth are removed, as this is when the gum tissue has healed enough. Dr. David Bishop begins preparing these dentures once the gum tissue is healing properly. Once complete, the patient has a brand new set of dentures that let them eat the foods they want with teeth that require only minimal care.
For patients who want to have a temporary solution before their final dentures are ready, we provide a temporary set of dentures here at Bishop & Bishop dental. They are not as secure while talking and eating as the complete dentures, but are great for this in between period.
Once patients have their complete dentures, they are advised to re-visit Bishop & Bishop Dental to look at the dentures and determine if and when they need to be replaced. While complete dentures are stable and can last a long time, we do recommend replacing them ideally about every five years on average.
If you are ready to get fitted for complete dentures, visit our practice in Silver Spring, MD.

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