Thursday, December 13, 2018

Diabetes and Gum Disease

Gum disease is unfortunately common, and some people have more trouble fighting it than others. The doctors at Bishop & Bishop Dental in Silver Spring see a lot of people who face oral health complications, of which one of the most common is diabetes. People with diabetes have greater difficulty fighting infections, and the relationship between the diseases is a two-way street.

It is not completely clear why people with uncontrolled blood sugar have higher rates of infections. We do know that diabetes causes people’s arteries to thicken, limiting the flow of nutrients throughout their bodies. We also know that once an infection develops in the gum pockets, the body will become less able to regulate glucose, resulting in a feedback loop. Gingivitis, also called gum inflammation, is the body’s initial response to a gum pocket infection. (There are other potential causes, but infection is the most common.) Bleeding gums result from inflammation, and if an infection progresses, the gum tissue could recede. At this point, the teeth would be much more sensitive and would be at risk of coming loose.

Gingivitis is treatable. During deep cleanings, we remove bacterial build-up from below the gum line, where patients can’t reach. When infections are controlled, the body has an easier time controlling blood sugar. If you have diabetes, it is especially important for you to brush and floss, but we’re happy to provide you with more assistance.

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