Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Post-Extraction Swelling

We’ve saved a lot of teeth at Bishop & Bishop Dental in Silver Spring, but there are times when they have to be extracted. This is a routine procedure that usually goes smoothly, but patients should expect some swelling. We thought people would be more at ease if we explained some more about what to expect and how to recognize an emergency if one does develop.

Swelling after a wound is a healthy immune system response. Inflammation helps to prevent bacteria from entering the body through an open dental socket. The more complex an extraction, the more swelling can be expected. But once the blood in the socket forms a clot, patients shouldn’t really need inflammation, which is why it is appropriate to try to limit it by applying cold packs. To avoid damage from cold, only apply cold packs for fifteen minutes at a time, and allow fifteen minutes to pass in between each application. You should see swelling peak thirty-six hours after the extraction.

Once swelling peaks, it can be reduced through the application of hot packs. Again, the fifteen-on, fifteen off rule will prevent tissue damage. But if swelling continues after forty-eight hours, the patient should give us another call and come in as soon as possible. Discoloration is natural, but they should seek emergency help if the extraction site turns black or white. Complications are rare, but when they happen, we can see patients through safely if they’re intercepted quickly.

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